LTL and Full Load

Progress Freight is primarily an LTL carrier serving southwestern Ontario to and from the Mid-West United States. We also offer Full Load services at a limited capacity.

Our Cross Dock, Warehousing and Consolidation facility is centrally located just 15 minutes north of Woodstock, Ontario.

Progress Freight's local fleet of trucks will pick up your freight and bring it back to our yard where our highly trained professional staff consolidates individual shipments destined for the same area in the US or abroad. Our US fleet will then take your freight to its final destination. Unlike larger carriers with multiple distribution centres, our method greatly reduces any risk of damage or misdirected freight. We are also much more capable of handling freight of all shapes and sizes.


Most carriers specialize in certain regions or types of freight.

If your needs are outside of our expertise, we are capable of making all necessary arrangements with one of our member carriers. Feel free to contact our highly qualified Logistics department for further information.

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